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Stop, Sesame! Turkey’s Competition Board launches an investigation and takes interim measures against Alibaba’s Trendyol

The Turkish Competition Board’s strict approach to this singular case is setting the stage for the regulation of digital markets. As the first of its kind in Turkey and one of the first worldwide, could this be a precursor for other competition authorities? To keep pace with the rapidly changing commercial landscape, the Turkish Competition Authority (“the Authority”) keeps a close eye on e-marketplace platforms. This trend continues, as following the publication of a preliminary report on...

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Coca-Cola investigation fizzles out: Turkish Coca-Cola bottler subsidiary probe closed with commitments

The commitment mechanism entered Turkey’s competition law scene in 2020 following an amendment to Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition (“Competition Law”). With this new tool, the Competition Board may decide (i) not to turn a preliminary investigation into a full-fledged investigation, or (ii) to end an on-going full-fledged investigation by making a proposed commitment package binding on the relevant party, provided that it deems the submitted commitment package adequate to eliminate...

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